Monday, March 18, 2013

Bodhipaksa: Starting Where We Are - Sounds True Producer's Pick

Bodhipaksa is the Buddhist author and teacher behind Wildmind Buddhist Meditation, one of the premier independent Buddhist sites on the internet. He is also an author at Sounds True (Living as a River). In this week's Weekly Wisdom column, we get to hear some of Tami Simon's conversation with Bodhipaksa on the topic of Starting Where We Are.

Bodhipaksa: Starting Where We Are

Mitchell Clute, a producer at Sounds True, chose this week’s Producer’s Pick from the audio program Still the Mind with Scottish-born Buddhist teacher and author Bodhipaksa. In this selection, “Starting Where We Are,” Bodhipaksa helps us touch into a deeper sense of spacious awareness, identifying some of the stumbling blocks to beginning our meditation practice and sharing techniques for finding stillness and calm beneath the static in our minds. Mitchell loves Bodhipaksa’s down-to-earth approach to meditation practice—as well as the lovely cadence of Bodhipaksa’s voice.

All products by Bodhipaksa

Still the Mind
Simple Breathing Practices for Inner Peace
A beginner’s course on using breath-centered meditation to calm a too-busy mind.

The Wisdom of the Breath
Three Guided Meditations for Calming the Mind and Cultivating Insight
Three guided meditations for using the breath as a gateway to spiritual wisdom.

Living as a River
Finding Fearlessness in the Face of Change
An eloquent book of spiritual and scientific insights to help us embrace impermanence.

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