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LeveVei Podcast - Episode 57 - Terry Patton: Being Evolution Through Doing Revolution

Terry Patton joins on this episode of the LeveLei podcast to discuss Integral Revolution, one of Pattons´s newer and ongoing projects.

Episode 57: Being evolution through doing revolution

November 25, 2012

In this episode I have the delight of connecting with author, teacher and integral revolutionist Terry Patten who is visiting Oslo, Norway in February 2013. In our conversation we engage some of the core themes that Terry has been advocating the last couple of years. For instance, how can we – both individually and collectively – find a balanced and integral expression of our human propensity for doing and being? Is it possible to transition from only being a seeker to becoming a practitioner? And if so, how can we become effective change agents in the ever present expression of evolutionary processes? These questions, any many others, have been consistently explored by Terry through different mediums, such as the highly acclaimed book Integral Life Practice, which he co-wrote together with Ken Wilber, Marco Morelli and Adam Leonard, and the popular teleseminar series Beyond Awakening.  
Terry will be holding a public talk at Litteraturhuset in Oslo (The House of Literature) February the 7th 2013, and a follow-up workshop 9th and 10th of February. The talk on the 7th is organized by Integralt Forum and the following workshop by Kristian Merckoll. If you want more information, or even want to secure a place for the workshop, please contact Kristian directly at: kristian @ More details will be posted so stay tuned!   

The host: James Alexander Arnfinsen has a teacher education from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has worked several years as a teacher.
His interest for dialogue and process work is derived from practical training through the Art of Hosting community and inspired by the written work of Otto Scharmer amongst others. Since 2006 he has studied the work of Ken Wilber and other integral philosophers and practitioners. The podcastshow on this website endeavors to both apply and investigate the integral perspective. His key interest is nevertheless meditation and in this regard the Danish community Vækstcenteret (The Center for Growth) and the teachings of Jes Bertelsen are his primary sources of inspiration. (more)  
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