Friday, June 08, 2012

Authors@Google - Jonah Lehrer: The Science of Creativity

Delayed flight, so I'm killing time with videos and Facebook and stuff. I wish I felt creative, I'd do some writing. But I'm too tired, so I watched Jonah Lehrer talk about the science of creativity instead - in support of his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works.

Jonah Lehrer on the Science of Creativity

Filmed live from Google London on Thursday 27th April, 2012.

Authors@ Presents...Jonah Lehrer's 'Imagine: How Creativity Works'

Acclaimed science writer Jonah Lehrer regularly contributes to the New Yorker, New Scientist, The Wall Street Journal and Wired magazine. His latest book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, looks at the science of creativity (where does it come from? How can we harness it? Are only certain people 'creative'?) and puts forward ideas on how to maximise your creativity.


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