Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Joseph Burgo, Ph.D. - Video "Lectures" on the Process of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Joseph Burgo, Ph.D. is one of the bloggers at Psych Central (Therapy Case Notes) and he also blogs at his own site, After Psychotherapy. Recently, he has launched a new series of short video "lectures" on the process of psychodynamic psychotherapy and what to expect as you enter therapy.

If you know someone interested in therapy, share these videos with them so they can ease their concerns about lying on a couch talking to some old guy smoking a cigar and asking about your mother. Well, okay, most therapists will ask you about your mother . . . but it's important. 

His YouTube page is also After Therapy.

New Video Series on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Posted on by Joseph Burgo, Ph.D.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for future videos. I think I’ve settled on a series of lectures about the process of psychodynamic psychotherapy and what to expect from the process. I think this overall subject will allow me to incorporate most of the suggestions I received.

In this video, I abandoned my script and teleprompter; instead, I ran through the outline of the subject I wanted to discuss beforehand — the first session — with all of the main points, then I pushed the “record” button and just started talking. It may not be as verbally smooth as the scripted videos, but in this one, I feel as if I am being exactly who I am. The setting is my office — more or less what you would see if we were doing Skype therapy (except that I had to remove the painting from the wall behind me because the lights were reflecting in the glass).

The more I think about the subject for this series, the more of a natural fit it feels for me. The next one will deal with the sorts of issues that we typically confront in the early sessions of psychotherapy.

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