Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sounds True - Bruce Tift: Being and Becoming

Sounds True presents periodic Director's Picks, an interview with one of the people who has produced an audio or book program for Sounds True, someone who has made an impact on Tami Simon or other staff members. Recently, that person was Bruce Tift, a Buddhist psychotherapist - thus my interest.

Bruce Tift: Being and Becoming


Buddhism and psychotherapy both share the same ultimate goal: the alleviation of human suffering. Yet it can be puzzling for therapists and practitioners alike to try to integrate these two very different approaches. When Tami Simon was recording the new audio learning program Already Free with Bruce Tift, she was impressed by the depth of Bruce’s understanding of these two paths and their inherent contradictions. Tami says that Bruce’s inquiry opened her mind to resting with paradox in an open and accepting way—and that this skill of accepting paradox instead of struggling to resolve it may be a key to happiness. In this excerpt, Bruce talks about the key ideas of “being” and “becoming,” and how they are expressed in Western and Eastern traditions.

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