Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bookforum - Occupying the Nation

Just in case you have not been exposed to enough different perspectives on the #OWS movement, here are some more, via Bookforum. I'm curious to see if this will turn into an action other than protesting - but I don't see big business caving to few thousand protesters, especially with the police and the government mostly siding with Wall Street and the status quo. But, I am a pessimist when it comes to meaningful change.

Occupying the nation

From the latest issue of Logos, Christine Kelly on Generation Threat: Why the youth of America are occupying the nation; and a special section on the Occupy Wall Street movement, with essays by Stanley AronowitzBenjamin Barber,Stephen Eric BronnerJeff MadrickRichard Wolin, and more. From Harper's, an interview with Slavoj Zizek. What would Emma do? An interview with Vivian Gornick, author of Emma Goldman: Revolution As a Way of Life, on the psychology of radicals and the OWS protests. From the John Birch Society's The New American, Jack Kerwick on two libertarianisms and OWS. Is the Vatican about to Occupy Wall Street? Peter Berger wonders. Jeff Sharlet on how the OWS movement discovered its bliss. The all-consuming presidential election season looms — how will Occupy respond? Tom Joad on why the 100% should support the Occupy movement. Sarah Leonard on OWS and the downfall of the smartest guys in the room. Whatever happened to discipline and hard work? America’s traditional, pro-wealth cultural vision is showing wear and tear, which may explain why criticisms made by OWS protesters have resonance. Kids Today: OWS is part of a major shift in ethical behavior among young people. Occupy Your Block: Protest without ever stepping foot in Zuccotti Park. A look at how the Occupy movement is inspiring unions to embrace bold tactics. Jeffrey Sachs on the new progressive movement: As before in history, the moment has arrived when people just can’t take it anymore. Will Occupy Wall Street lead to a new culture war? Arthur Brisbane on how OWS has proved to be a difficult, sprawling story to report. An article on Occupy Wall Street as a source of diverse editorial content. The branding of OWS: The director of the first Occupy TV ads talks to Salon about the battle over the protest movement's brand. Meet the ad men behind Occupy Wall Street.
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