Monday, January 04, 2010

Upaya Dharma Podcasts - Zen & Archetypal Dreamwork

Very interesting - I had never thought about combining Zen and archetypal dream work. I have been having weird dreams lately (usually I don't), so maybe there is something trying to work itself out in my psyche.

Zen & Archetypal Dreamwork

Speakers: Henry Shukman & Marc Bregman

“Dreams illuminate the soul,” begins professional dream worker Marc Bregman, in much the same way as our practice illuminates our true nature. In Dreamwork, the points of resistance become clear if we pay attention to our dreams; in Zen, the points of resistance become clear through zazen. The practice of both is to let go of what the small self wants, and to accept dying to the self so that we may face what is present. At the end of their talk, Henry and Marc invite questions which include the effect of silence on dreaming, waking up within a dream, and others.

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