Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buddhist Geeks - Episode 155: The Dharma of Second Life

Hmmm . . . I have never done the "Second Life" thing, and have never even been tempted to start. For those of you who do, what motivates you? How did you get involved? I'm thinking about a research study that will look at the relationship between "meat" folk and their cyber "alters," so I'm curious why people play these games.

Buddhist Geeks - Episode 155: The Dharma of Second Life

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This week we’re joined by Zen teacher Jiun Foster, who is actively involved in teaching dharma in the virtual world of Second Life. We speak with him about what it’s like being a participant in Second Life, and what the limitations and strengths of Second Life are, compared to other social media technologies.

Finally, we patch in Adam Tebbe, the wizard behind the curtain, to share some details of the organization he helped start, that is responsible for getting so many good dharma teachers onto Second Life.

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