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All in the Mind - Minds on the Margins

Interesting show and discussion.

Minds on the Margins

A life on the streets or behind bars isn't what we hope for our children. What leads them there? Mental illness? Family breakdown? Economic hardship? Two groundbreaking studies are fundamentally challenging the assumptions we make about our most marginalised, and the state of their mind.

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36-year-old who has been cycling in and out of homelessness since he was 21

Associate Professor Eileen Baldry
Associate Dean of Education
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University New South Wales

Richard Elmer
St Kilda Crisis Centre

Dr Guy Johnson
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute
RMIT University;ID=yrxs8t8o6lbs

Associate Professor Chris Chamberlain
Director of the Centre for Applied Social Research
Global Studies, Social Science and Planning
RMIT University;ID=prh5wwtapmo9

Further Information

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Are the homeless mentally ill?
Guy Johnson and Chris Chamberlain, Presented at the Australian Social Policy Conference, 8-10 July 2009

Linking data for integrated systems analysis: pathways for people with disabilities in the criminal justice system
Eileen Baldry, Leanne Dowse, Melissa Clarence and Phillip Snoyman
Presented at 'More than the sum of its parts' Second National symposium on Data Linkage Research, 20-21st October 2008

Homelessness Australia

Social Inclusion Board; Australian Federal Government initiative

Australian Federal government : Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

National Homeless Information Clearing House


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