Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prop 8 and Pre-rational Worldviews

Many of us were sad that the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8. But not everyone. This woman named Judy Jones posted this comment on Facebook, which she links to her FriendFeed account:
Saying of silent prayer of thanks to Heavenly Father for the Prop 8 decision.
She has taken some serious heat for this statement, which is heartening - but then I already knew that the crowd there tends to be more open minded. Part of the heat was for announcing her "silent" prayer on two (or more) social media sites. Be that as it may. Here are a few of her responses:
Judy Jones

If you don't like the way it ended, you need to go back and try again which I'm sure you will. I prayed a silent prayer, not a "secret" prayer.

I disagree and that's all I can say.

I do not hate anyone, Lokei. I do care about Heavenly Father's laws (as I see them). One of them is that homosexual acts are a sin. Do gays have a right to have law to protect them? YES. Do they have the right to serve in the miltary? YES. Do they have the right to see their loved ones in the hospital? YES. Do they have the right to have laws to protect them from people who harrass them? Yes. Where I draw the line is that they have sex with one another which is a sin. If you don't like what I'm saying, I can't help that. That is my faith and belief.
She offers no defense for her "beliefs" other than that they are her "Heavenly Father's laws" (as she sees them), which by extension is how she thinks the rest of us should see them.

It's probably not very compassionate of me to single her out, but she stands as an example of the worldview that we face in trying to get equal rights for ALL human beings. People who think as she does are largely pre-rational in their beliefs, which can't be defeated with reason - she (and people like her) will hold tighter and tighter to her faith the more she is challenged.

This is an object lesson for those of us trying to defeat these infantile worldviews - a rational argument will change their beliefs. However, people like her will be increasing ostracized and isolated in the coming years, as it should be.

People aged 18-34 support gay marriage by a margin of 60-40%. That is the future that awaits us - and it can't get here too soon for me.

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