Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All in the Mind - Early Childhood and the Developing Brain

OK, I'm on a Dan Siegel kick of late, so here is another podcast with him as guest. Seriously, he is one of the leading thinkers in a neuroscience of relationships and a neuroscience of mindfulness. He's always interesting.

Early childhood and the developing brain

We explore how very early childhood experiences can deeply affect the way the brain develops.

Human interactions create the neural connections from which the mind emerges, so for very young children, relationships are crucial. But what happens when children are deprived of human relationships in these critical early years?

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Dr Dan Siegel MD
Mindsight Institute
Los Angeles California, USA


Title: The Mindful Brain in Human Development
Author: Dan Siegel
Publisher: WW Norton

Title: Mindsight, Our Seventh Sense
Author: Dan Siegel
Publisher: Bantam/Random House

Title: Bucharest Early Intervention Project
Author: Principal Investigator: Charles H. Zeanah, MD Co-investigator: Anna T. Smyke, PhD
Publisher: Source of support: MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Early Experience and Brain Development


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