Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cool Blog - Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places is a very cool blog devoted to, yes, you guessed it, abandoned places. Great photos for some of these.

Here are a few samples:

Indiana house:

This one is The Grange:

And Abandoned Church:



Unknown said...

Indiana house is both cool and creepy as hell. Neato!

william harryman said...

it's the perfect setting for a horror flick involving teenagers hiking in the woods one dark night . . . like that's never been done before


Unknown said...

BTW, Bill, Can you make out the writing at the bottom of the Indiana House picture!? I think it says [shudder] "Black House P--------"

[btw, there can NEVER be too many teenage hiking horror pictures]

william harryman said...

me thinks: Black Horse Photography