Friday, October 24, 2008

The Lab Rat Does Gym Jones

From the new issue of Outside Magazine, the Lab Rat did the whole Gym Jones experience in an excellent article that isn't - unfortunately -- available online. Too bad -- good promotion for both the magazine and Gym Jones (not to mention a bit of plug for Crossfit).

For those who do not know, Twight (founder of Gym Jones) trained the actors for 300.

A Gym Jones Inspired Workout
A revolutionary—and brutish—new fitness regimen.

The Lab Rat video
The Lab Rat gets punished. (Abe Streep)

Gym Jones disciple Carolyn Parker puts the Lab Rat through the most hellacious new workout on earth.

Part 1: The Warm Up
Watch a Video

Part 2: The Timed Circuit
Watch a Video

Click on the video links to see a little of what the Gym Jones experience is like.

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