Friday, September 19, 2008

More McCain Lies

Sam Stein, writing at Huffington Post, exposes the hypocrisy of the newest McCain attack ad, which blames Obama for the job losses in Michigan. Uh, say what?

Here's the ad:

Here's the rebuttal:

In another sign of how John McCain is trying to turn the political world on its head (in which he is a populist and the Democrats have been setting the agenda for the last eight years) his campaign put out an ad on Friday blaming Barack Obama for the outsourcing of American jobs.

Titled "Overseas," the spot accuses the Illinois Democrat of pursuing policies that make it prohibitively expensive for business to operate domestically. In this case, the ad is tailored for a Michigan audience.

"Michigan manufacturing jobs are going overseas," the narrator says. "Barack Obama and his liberal allies are to blame. When manufacturers needed help making health care more affordable, they voted no. So jobs go overseas. Help to reduce energy costs? No. More jobs overseas. Lower taxes? No. Even more jobs overseas. They don't understand. Their votes cost Michigan jobs."

Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of the job losses in Michigan and other Midwestern states have occurred under the administration of Republican President George W. Bush. Add to that the fact that the free trade deals considered responsible for much of this development are supported by McCain and opposed -- on the basis that there need to be more labor protections -- by Obama. And couple it with Obama's proposal to spend over $200 billion on new jobs (a program that will undoubtedly be revised in the wake of this current economic crisis and forthcoming bailout), and it is hard to see how this ad doesn't stir strenuous objection.

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