Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Is Going to Get Roved Tonight

Obama is going to get Roved tonight:

There are increasingly strong signs now that Republican Presidential nominee to be Sen. John McCain plans to axe the longstanding political tradition that each political party steps out of the way when the other party’s candidate delivers his Presidential acceptance speech — and the signs it will happen on two fronts:

1. McCain will be seen in an ad that will air around when Obama gives his speech speaking directly to Obama, looking into the camera.

2. We have predicted here that McCain would leak the name of his Vice Presidential pick right before or about the same time when Obama gives his speech in order to undercut media and an expected big national audience attention for Obama’s make-or-break speech. The Drudge Report now says the name could be leaked at 6 p.m and then confirmed at 8 p.m. The political intent is clear. When Drudge has a “scoop” sourced to a Democratic insider, it could be suspect; when it comes from the GOP side, it usually isn’t. The line line item seems like a way to tip the media off so they can start to focus on that story…tonight.

What’s happening? If the name is leaked so it steps on Obama’s speech it’ll be one more step in a process political junkies love but saddens those who seek a more respectful form of politics: the shattering of aspects previous aspects of inter-party respect and debate. The bar will be lowered once again.

McRove drags the nation into the gutter . . . again.

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Kevin Beck said...

I won't be surprised if they release the name during or immediately after the speech. But unless McCain selects Britney Spears I don;t think it will take away from Barack's historic speech tonight.