Sunday, July 13, 2008

Notice to Marc Gafni Supporters

In the last 24 hours, I have received two phone calls and an email from Marc Gafni, an email from Jeff Bell (who wrote The Catalyst article on Gafni), and a phone call from Clint Fuhs, of the Integral Institute and iNext. All this in response to a post that only presents information already widely available on the web. My little blog has a handful of readers and poses no threat -- this isn't The Daily Kos by any stretch of the imagination.

So, as of this moment, STOP CALLING ME!

It seems as though Fuhs is working with Gafni to assemble a defense to present to Ken Wilber, who apparently has cut all ties with Gafni. One can only hope Wilber uses good judgment in this matter.

For now, I will not repost the original abusive guru post, but I will leave last night's post as is. I do not want to play along in this drama. And I wonder if Shmarya Rosenberg at Failed Messiah is getting phone calls about his post on Gafni -- after all, he is at least part of the Jewish community and carries more weight than I do.

I was open to a dialogue on this issue, and there may well be information I do not have that might change my perspective. But the inherent lack of appropriate boundaries exhibited so far suggests to me a narcissism that I want nothing to do with -- and that is unlikely to be changed by anything I say or do.

My girlfriend has worked with sexual abusers (both average guys and public figures) -- she sees all the red flags of someone who is still active in his pathology in the events of the past 24 hours, not to mention the denials of the original confession (a common pattern in sex offenders based on what I know).

If anyone in support of Gafni has something to say, post a comment on my blog, but DO NOT call me at home ever again.

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