Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why I Didn't Speedlink Today

Life has been a bit erratic lately. My internet connection is currently sketchy, my work life is very busy, my personal life has more drama than I prefer, and I am still fighting off a staff infection. All of this causes stress on the body.

Antibiotics are a great thing when you need them, but they trash the immune system. While antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, they also kill all of the good bacteria in our intestines. The downside of this is that the immune system is based in the intestines, so antibiotics lower our immunity to anything they can't directly kill, such as viruses.

The flu has hit Tucson hard this year, and while I send my sick clients home, a lot of gym members aren't so considerate. I'm exposed to all kinds of stuff everyday. And usually that isn't a problem -- I have a good immune system. But this week, the combination of stress and a weakened immune system due to the antibiotics has lowered my immunity.

Last night I began to feel myself getting sick. Knowing I had a light day today, I decided to do a sweat to kill whatever is attacking me.

The basic idea is that viruses can only live within a certain temperature range, right around 98.6 Fahrenheit. Get the body below or above that average and the viruses die. Getting the below that temperature is not wise, so going above it, within reason, is the best option.

So today I put on three layers of sweats, raised the heat in my apartment as high as it would go, turned the oven on high and opened the door, and drank hot cinnamon tea. I did this for five hours and I already feel much better. With all of the immune boosting supplements I take, I should feel like new by tomorrow.

So far, this has never failed to stave off a cold or flu -- I hope it works this time too.

[NOTE: The contents of this post have not been reviewed or approved by a medical professional, and as such should only be used for entertainment purposes.]

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