Friday, February 22, 2008

Lack of Blogging

Apologies for the lack of blogging today. I feel like shit. Fortunately, I don't have the flu and/or bronchitis that is going around.

So here's the deal. The other day I was doing lat pulls with the whole stack, about 250 lbs., and on one of the last reps, the bar cracked me across the nose. Stupid, yes. I am stickler for form, which means staying vertical and pulling with the lats rather than leaning back and pulling with the upper back. I do rows for that. I always caution my clients to keep their head back so that they don't hit their nose. I failed to observe my own advice.

So I broke my nose. Ouch. But no big deal, I've broken my nose before and it's mostly just annoying. But I broke the skin, too. So I have acquired a staff infection. Very painful, lots of swelling, watery eyes, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So I have a hard time seeing today. One half of my face is swollen. I got some good drugs and hopefully the staff will respond. If not, I have MRSA, which is a little more scary. I'll know more by Sunday. If the drugs are going to work, I'll know by Sunday.

Until then, blogging will be light.


teeny yogini said...

Ouch! Take care of yourself, Will, a staph infection is nothing to fool around with, especially that close to the brain. Make sure you see good doctors and stay on top of it if it's not getting better; a close friend of mine (and very gifted poet) passed away suddenly due to an MRSA that got out of control, so I worry . . .

I once tried to teach myself the Olympic lifts in my home gym, pulled the bar up for a snatch and smacked myself so hard on the chin, the lights went out! Nothing like knocking yourself out at home alone. Talk about feeling like a moron (although I was glad at least I wasn't sticking my tongue out). I truly thought I'd broken my jaw. Luckily, it was just one hell of a bruise (a chin bruise on a woman tends to attract quite a lot of attention, I discovered.)

Get healed and we'll be waiting anxiously for your return.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last poster on keeping a watch on that staph infection, Bill! I have horror stories, too, if you need more motivation. I hope you just rest and know that your readers will wait with loving patience for your return. (I'll take this opportunity to plug my favorite exerise--chin-ups with weight held between the feet--as also being safer than pulldowns, which I never considered before!)

Kai in NYC

Anonymous said...

i think you've been working out too much ;)

screw the lats, take care of your nose.

get well.


voyager3000 said... know the worst experience is broken heart:):)in doing Martial Arts and some juicy streetfighting decades ago I had certainly a dozen broken bones and very bad days of injuries.

However all of this was nothing compared with discoveries of broken zones, shadow and most with entering the zone of authentic self in the depth of the heart.

Have a joyful regeneration..very best,


Tor Hershman said...

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