Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Speedlinking 11/6/07

Quote of the day:

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."
~ Aesop

Image of the day:

~ Nutrition for Newbies, Part 2 -- "People often don't read part 2 of an article. Muttonheads! Read this! Christian will fill your belly and mind with 14 nutritional nuggets and give some concrete advice on how to accomplish almost any physique goal you might have!"
~ Study shows link between body fat, red meat and cancer -- "There’s no question that excess body fat and regular consumption of red meat can have health-related consequences. Now, thanks to recent findings from the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, we know how severe these consequences can be."
~ Carb Cycling For Fat Loss -- "Carbohydrates are used as energy by the body; they fuel our workouts, as well as provide ample fuel over the course of any day. Learn what carb cycling is and how it is not the evil thing people make it!"
~ The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Power Cleans -- "The term Clean comes from “cleaning the floor”. You clean the floor from the barbell by pulling it on your shoulders. Starting position is similar to a Deadlift. End position is like the start position of the Front Squat."
~ Housework can help you burn 50,000 calories a year -- "If you're struggling to motivate yourself to do the dishes or dust the shelves, then just remember the number 50,261. That's the average number of calories burned off each year simply by doing household chores."
~ Intervals Cause Spot Reduction of Belly Fat -- "According to Professor Steve Boucher, the Australian co-author of the latest interval training study to show intervals work better than slow cardio, "high intensity intermittent exercise may result in greater fat loss in the abdomen". Basically, intervals burn stomach fat first, over all other sources of fat on the body."
~ 5 healthy foods that often get a bad rap -- "Bad reputations tend to stick, even with foods. Continued negative press about a fruit, vegetable, or beverage is enough reason for many of us to banish it. But scientists looking beneath the surface are finding redeeming qualities for often-maligned peanut butter, eggs, avocadoes, coffee and mushrooms."

~ Secrets of the Orgasm Doctor -- Revealed -- "Physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich, best known for his claims of a cosmic life force associated with sexual orgasm, died in federal prison, and the government burned tons of his books and other publications and destroyed his equipment."
~ Do You Have Social Anxiety Disorder? - Take the Quiz -- "Most everyone panics a bit at the thought of speaking in front of a room full of people. In fact, reportedly that is the number one phobia! And we are all somewhat uncomfortable when meeting new people in social situations. But social anxiety disorder (or social phobia) is much more severe than the norm. It is a debilitating condition that can severely impair one's functioning."
Social Anxiety Disorder? Or Just Plain Shy? -- "But leave it to the researchers (or in this case, the lack of research) to turn a normal feeling into something that can be diagnosed and, naturally, treated… By medication."
~ Why We All Stink as Intuitive Psychologists: The False Consensus Bias -- "Many people quite naturally believe they are good 'intuitive psychologists', thinking it is relatively easy to predict other people's attitudes and behaviours. We each have information built up from countless previous experiences involving both ourselves and others so surely we should have solid insights?"
~ Against an Hierarchy of Suffering -- "Is there some kind of division between 'real' and 'unreal' suffering, noble sufferers and self indulgent rich kids?"
~ Four mental foibles we all cherish - and how to get rid of them -- "As human beings, we have a natural wish to improve ourselves, and are always looking for ways to be more efficient, focused and fulfilled. However, we also have the opposite tendency to cherish certain limitations that prevent us from achieving these exact things! Let’s go into four of these limitations in detail."
~ Adding Color Untangles the Brain’s Gray Secrets -- "Researchers have unveiled a new way to map the brain’s billions of neurons."

~ Bring back the Greek gods -- "Prominent secular and atheist commentators have argued lately that religion "poisons" human life and causes endless violence and suffering. But the poison isn't religion; it's monotheism. The polytheistic Greeks didn't advocate killing those who worshiped different gods, and they did not pretend that their religion provided the right answers."
~ The Golden Wingnut Award -- "The Wingnut Contest is over and the votes have now been tallied by the prestigious accounting firm of Pollhost.com. So without further ado, the five winners of the Golden Wingnut Award are...."
~ Jane Cooper: 1924-2007 -- "Read poems, listen to recordings, and learn about her life." The sad loss of a great poet.
~ Richard Reiss: Artist As Citizen -- "I'm the co-founder of a project called Artist As Citizen. We connect art students with donors to help them create projects on social issues."
~ Yahoo Ripped for Role in Persecution of Chinese Journalist -- "Yahoo was negligent at best and probably complicit in providing information to the Chinese government that helped it imprison a pro-democracy journalist, the head of the House Foreign Affairs committee says."
~ Feds Fight Ruling on Patriot Act -- "The U.S. government on Monday appealed a ruling that it shouldn't be able to get personal phone, e-mail and financial records without a judge's approval, as now allowed under the USA Patriot Act."
~ Paul Passes Thompson and McCain in GOP Primary -- "Betting markets show a surge for the libertarian presidential candidate."
~ Musharraf's War on Moderates -- "If his emergency rule is about terrorism, why is he going after mainstream politicians and lawyers instead of the extremists?"

David Sloan Wilson: What Do Selfish Genes, and Memes, Really Mean? -- "Dan Agin has boldly waved selfish genes goodbye in his report on my article with E.O. Wilson in the November 3 issue of New Scientist, which is a digest of a more comprehensive article that will appear in the December issue of Quarterly Review of Biology titled "Rethinking the Theoretical Foundation of Sociobiology." Agin´s farewell provoked a flurry of comments that raise the issue of what selfish genes, and memes, really mean."
~ The Top 10 Greenest Colleges and Universities in the U.S. -- " Higher education has responded to growing demand for more environmental focus -- here are the 10 best."
~ Why Do So Many Species Live In Tropical Forests And Coral Reefs? -- "There is a new development in a major debate over a controversial hypothesis of biodiversity and species abundance. Ecologists are reporting good agreement between the species richness of two of the most vulnerable ecosystems -- tropical forests and coral reefs -- and a simple mathematical model building on the "neutral theory of biodiversity." The research could aid the effort to protect terrestrial biodiversity from climate change and urban development."
~ Space Mission Xeus Probes Origins Of The Universe -- "XEUS, which stands for X-ray Evolving Universe Spectroscopy, aims to study the fundamental laws of the Universe. With unprecedented sensitivity to the hot, million-degree universe, XEUS will explore key areas of contemporary astrophysics: growth of supermassive black holes, cosmic feedback and galaxy evolution, evolution of large-scale structures, extreme gravity and matter under extreme conditions, the dynamical evolution of cosmic plasmas and cosmic chemistry."
~ Toshiba develops new MRAM device which opens the way to giga-bits capacity -- "Toshiba Corporation today announced important breakthroughs in key technologies for magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM), a promising, next-generation semiconductor memory device."
~ The Bottom Line: A review of recycled toilet-paper brands -- "Deciding what kind of toilet paper to buy is a delicate issue. Perhaps most significantly because you want to protect those delicates -- but what about this delicate planet of ours?"
~ Texas' first hydrogen fuel cell bus on the road -- "The University of Texas at Austin and Gas Technology Institute (GTI) have introduced a joint technology program that features the first hydrogen fuel cell bus to be licensed and operated in Texas."

~ What Stage of Spiritual Growth Have You Attained? Find out Now! -- "Extensive religious research has shown that there are four distinct and classical stages of spiritual growth. Even those individuals who do not normally consider themselves spiritual or religious lie somewhere within one of these four evolving stages."
~ Premature Integral? -- "In this article, Chris Cowan - co-author of Spiral Dynamics - and his collegues discuss the uses and abuses of Spiral Dynamics, and directly address what they see as weaknesses within the Integral Movement in general. What is of particular interest is Cowan's framing of the distinctions he makes between Gravesian theory, Cowan's own use of Spiral Dynamics, and the work of Dr. Don Beck."
~ “Paideia in America” -- "I’ve lightly skimmed Marrs’ piece, deemed it of substance and have printed it out for deeper reading. My overall take on Marrs’ theme (not his essay, per se) is that no doubt there are not-small problems our society faces to reinvigorate classical education — meaning, in short, learning anchored in Greek and Latin languages, and the respective native civilizations — in any widespread fashion."
~ Saul Williams on YouTube -- "In celebration of Saul's new album release, we have uploaded these two videos to YouTube."
~ Compassion for self -- "This is something particularly interesting for me because I have a habit of mentally beating myself up when I think I should be doing something other than what I'm doing. For whatever reason, I feel that a lot of us are beating ourselves up for what we are or are not."
~ The Chemistry of Love (Part One) -- "There is still a lot of controversy about what happens in our bodies when we love, or fall in love, and to what extent the chemical soup of love determines what and how we feel. But there seems to be a consensus emerging. Part one of this two-parter summarizes the chemistry of love, to the extent scientists understand it today. If you've been reading my recent articles, you'll understand why I care about this. I hope you do, too."

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