Monday, November 26, 2007

The Reality About Pakistan

I'm really tired of hearing about restoring democracy in Pakistan. What a silly idea. Since when has Pakistan had a democracy? I'm also wearing of seeing the media present Benazir Bhutto as some kind of liberator. Under her rule, Pakistan was listed as the most corrupt government in the world. She stole more than 1.5 billion dollars from her country in the form of kickbacks and quid pro quo payments.

Anyway, Stanley Kurtz, over at The National Review, gets it right about Pakistan.

Led by a naive media, the United States and Europe are being sold a bill of goods. We hear a lot about a “genuine return to democracy,” “the restoration of full democracy,” or the “restoration of the constitution.” All of this will supposedly follow an end to the emergency and the advent of free and fair elections. This is nonsense. Democracy and the constitution cannot be restored in Pakistan because, in any serious sense, neither democracy nor constitutional rule has ever existed there.

Read the whole article.

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