Friday, November 23, 2007

D'Oh! - I've Become a Tucsonan

I went on a great hike today, not too far outside of Flagstaff and near Sunset Crater. The morning was cold and it only was a little warmer in the afternoon (maybe in the 40s), especially in the forest and out of the sun.

It must be close to freezing right now as I write this, with a projected low of 16 degrees tonight according to the Weather Channel (buy the way, I love the Weather Channel). I'm actually a little cold sitting here in my sweats and a long-sleeve knit Henley. I even wore long jeans while hiking today -- those who know me have seldom, if ever, seen me in long pants -- I nearly always wear shorts.

All of this led me to realize that I am now a Tucsonan, a person who thinks 50 degrees is cold. Damn. I once wore shorts for two solid years in Seattle, whether there was rain, ice, or snow. I took pride in being able to wear shorts a couple of years on an ice berg tour in Alaska -- everyone else was bundled up as though they were going skiing.

But now I am weather wuss. I guess that's what happens when one has to put up with intolerable heat 5 months out of the year.

Oh yeah, one other D'Oh! I packed my tripod and my camera bag but forgot my camera. I guess memory is the first thing that goes.

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