Friday, March 23, 2007

The 300 Workout as Part of a Fat Loss Program

I've mentioned a couple of times here that at the beginning of the year I set a goal to be as fit as I have ever been by the time I turn 40 in early May. When I began, my weight was hovering between 205-210 with about 16-17 percent bodyfat.

As of this morning, I weigh 187 and my bodyfat is around 9.5 percent. I had stalled for a week or two at around 191, but since having a cheat meal on Saturday (pasta and banana bread -- yum!), and adding the 300 workouts into my program, the fat loss has restarted. I like the 300 workouts because they are time efficient, burn a lot of calories, and (with some minor adjustments) can still work to maintain muscle during fat loss.

Here is a sample week of my training (this week). Below, I will reveal the supplements I have been using to strip the bodyfat and keep the muscle. Please note that I seldom do the same exact workouts from week to week. Most of these workouts are done in 45 minutes to an hour.

25x Pull Ups
50x Squats (185 lbs)
50x Bench Press (135 lbs)
50x Hanging Knees to Elbows Crunch
50x Squat Jumps (2 x 25 lb DBs)
50x DB Snatches, each arm (35 lbs)
25x Pull Ups

300 Total Reps -- 35:20 minutes

Seated Leg Press (395) 4 x 12 reps -- The machine only goes to 395.
A1: Inc Chest Press (195) 3x8
A2: Bent Row (245) 3 x10
B1: Smith Shoulder Press (150) 3 x 8
B2: Shrugs (315) 3 x 10
C1: DB Bicep Curls (40 each) 3 x 15
C2: Dec Crunch (45) 3 x 20

A1: Hack Squat (630) 4 x 12
A2: Hang Clean (185) 4 x 8
A3: Bench Crunch 4 x 30
B1: Dips (80 lbs added) 4 x 12
B2: One Arm Cable Row - Seated (120) 4 x 12
B3: Cable Biceps Curl (120) 4 x 12

Friday -- A New Version of the 300 Workout:
25x Bent Row (185)
50x Deadlifts (185)
50x DB Inc Chest Press (2 x 60)
50x Bench Straddle Jumps
25x Standing Military Press (95)
50x Ab Waves
25x Bent Row (185)
25x Standing Military Press (95)

300 total reps in 30:49 minutes.

After finishing this I did a superset of Pec Deck (165) and Lat Pulldowns (180) for three sets of 10 reps on each exercise.

[Note: A1, A2 means a superset with no rest between exercises. A1, A2, A3 means a giant set with no rest between exercises.]

In today's workout, the bent rows and deadlifts were too light -- next time I'll try 205. The bench straddle jumps start by standing on a bench, jumping down to the floor with a leg on each side of the bench and immediately springing back up to standing on the bench. The military press was the hardest part -- probably a little too heavy.

I've been doing full body workouts three or four days a week since early January. I really believe this is the best approach to fat loss with weight training. I add in racquetball for cardio whenever I have time.

My diet has been around 2000-2500 calories a day, heavy on protein and healthy fats and low on carbs (my only substantial carbs come in my post-workout drink and in a bowl of oatmeal on training days). I take 15-20 grams of fish oil a day. I take at least 1200 milligrams of alpha lipoic acid each day. I also take assorted vitamins and minerals.

Fat loss supplements:
Hot Rox Extreme (2 caps, twice a day)
Green Tea Extract (3-4 capsules, 3 times a day)

Muscle Maintenance Supplements:
Alpha Male -- testosterone booster (2 caps, twice a day)
Novedex XT -- anti-estrogen (4 caps at bedtime)

These supplements are fairly expensive, but it has been worth the investment in the new business it has generated at the gym. A guy stopped me today and asked if I was taking new clients because he had seen me with my shirt off in the locker and said I was the only trainer at the gym who looked like I practice what I preach. Plus, reaching the short-term goal is worth it to me.

Five weeks left to hit 8 percent bodyfat.

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