Saturday, December 23, 2006

Random Thoughts

I have a full three days off from work this weekend, which I want to use to recharge a bit. Consequently, blogging will be lite. But there are a couple of things on my mind today.

1. Heart Blown Open: It's easy for me to care about others, to extend myself to them, especially when they are hurting. It's much harder for me to allow others in, to feel that anyone else cares about me or even appreciates me.

In the past couple of weeks, and especially last night, that block has been blown apart. Several people in my life have extended themselves to let me know that I make a difference in their lives and it got in -- I was able to feel it and let myself enjoy that awareness.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is huge for someone who is often as closed off as I am.

As much as I don't do the holidays, I think I finally understand that the season -- at its best -- is about giving to others, but it's also about letting others return that gift. If we cannot -- if I cannot -- let others in, let myself be appreciated and truly seen, I miss a great deal in my life.

To those who have shown me their appreciation and touched my heart -- some of whom read this blog -- thank you!

2. Buffy Slays!: I just finished watching all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While that may make me a girlyman, or at least a geek, I am convinced that Buffy was one of the best shows on television.

It took more than two months to get through all seven seasons, but it came at a time when I needed to escape my life a bit. Having seen the whole show from beginning to end, I am sad that there are no more episodes. While the show functions as great escapism, it also has an intelligence and humor that I really enjoyed.

In a very strange way that sounds pathetic when I say it out loud, I cared about those characters and will miss the place they held in my life for the last 2.5 months.

One thought, though: Having watched all the special features, Sarah Michelle Gellar appears in none of them. In fact, she is not even really mentioned in them. Alyson Hannigan, a much bigger star, made some appearances, but not Buffy herself. What is that about? Is SMG too full of herself to acknowledge the fans who made her career? Whatever.

3. The new iPod Shuffle rocks! One of my clients gave me this cool little toy for Christmas -- thanks Amber!. It's about the size of a postage stamp and clips onto a shirt sleeve, collar, or whatever. With a gig of space it holds 250 songs. This is the perfect workout iPod.

It comes complete with computer cable and headphones. I have to admit, though, that copying all my music into iTunes is a royal pain in the arse. It's slower than watching paint dry.

I had been thinking about getting an iPod for quite a while because my old MP3 player was on its last legs. But I had been resisting getting another device that I have to wear with an armband when I work out. I don't have big arms by any stretch of the imagination, but the arm band always felt uncomfortable while I was working out. Not a problem anymore. Very cool.

Okay, that's all I have. I'll be posting things here and there over the next couple of days and will be back to a normal schedule on the 26th.

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