Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Speedlinking 8/2/06

The rains here have stopped for a couple of days and the irregular monsoon activity is shifting back to normal. In the last five days we have exceeded the rainfall figures for all of last year. Too bad most of it ran off into the washes and headed toward the ocean.

The storms left serious devastation in the canyon where so many people hike -- picnic areas covered with boulders, 80 year old bridges washed away, trails that have simply disappeared down the hillside. Still, I am grateful for the much-needed rain.

Okay, then, here's what's happening elsewhere:

~ Will at thinkBuddha has a good post on Unpacking the Self.

~ Brian at Zaadz has a post about Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, author of Elegant Business Leadership. Mr. Kimura is a Soto School Zen monk. Check it out.

~ Mike at Unknowing Mind continues his exploration of animal consciousness.

~ Image of the Day from Matthew Dallman at The Woodshed:

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I don't think there's anything intelligent I can say about this image. It's just wrong on so many levels.

~ Steve Pavlina writes about how to set goals that we might actually achieve.

~ Tom at Thoughts Chase Thoughts likes Morgan Spurlock's television show (this is the guy from Super Size Me). Tom has made Spurlock an honorary Buddhist whether he likes it or not. The show is called 30 Days and it asks people to live for 30 days in a way that is totally opposite of what they normally do. This is a great exercise in taking the role of the other, an important capacity in psychological development.

~ Jay Allen is now The Zero Boss and blogging more about parenting than integral, but still has an eye for the good stuff. So all you parents ought to go check him out.

~ Dan Allison at The Woodshed has an excellent post on art and propaganda.

~ Orion magazine has an interesting article on how workers in Argentina survived the economic collapse of 2001-2003 -- by forming worker run co-ops to take over bankrupt factories. The article discusses how this happened and how it changed the lives of the workers.

~ Mel Gibson is the target of a lot of jokes these days, and even Al Franken has gotten in a jab.

~ Andrew Sullivan looks at Mel and Ann.

~ Shakespeare's Sister has a few thoughts on the Mel Gibson episode, and it has very little to do with Mel. Read this -- it's good.

~ Some good news for the kids in Kansas: They will no longer be at the bottom of the list for college admissions due to a fundamental lack of science education. The Kansas board of education is no longer controlled by "creationists."

And that's a wrap, folks.

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