Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jon Stewart Talks to Al Gore

A good interview -- and some scary truth.

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ebuddha said...

Good link!

Say, on another topic, I see you have been including videos from different services. Any upshot on difference, similarities?

WH said...

They all seem to be pretty good. YouTube sometimes disappears a day or two after it's posted, but that seems to be less common than it was.

YouTube has a huge variety, and they just signed a deal with CBS I think. IFilm has a lot of movie trailers and music videos, as well as viewer uploads. vSocial is a lot of viewer vids, a lot of dumbass stuff, but some good TV clips too. DailyMotion is French, so a lot of European stuff, but they also have music vids that aren't protected and some good sports clips. ClipShack is a lot of family stuff -- a lot of little kids.

Those are the ones I have feeds for. Google video has a lot of cool stuff, but their player rarely showed up in posts (maybe that has changed -- haven't checked). Seemed strange that it didn't appear since they own blogger.