Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can America Be Saved?

In These Times has a good article on the growing divide in this country between the increasingly fervent Christian nationalists and the also increasingly vocal liberal secularists. This is an issue that is hard to get people interested in because it is slow in its movement. Most of us will notice little change in our lives as the right takes over, until one day they have complete control and America has become a theocratic state.

The article shows that the smallest "red states," when combined, have seven more electoral college votes than New York and Massachusetts combined, yet with nearly equal populations. Is it time to redesign the electoral college or do away with it altogether? The system, as currently designed, gives more weight to conservative worldviews. Can that be fixed?

This is really a battle between Blue meme authoritarianism and Orange-Green progressive liberalism. It's a battle that has been going on for at least a decade and will only get more acrimonious before it gets better. Please see the article on the sidebar, Who Owns God? (Part One, Part Two, Part Three) for an overview of the conflict as reflected in American politics the last few years.

This is from the In These Times article:
After all, the heartland has no claim to moral authority. The states whose voters are most obsessed with “moral values” have the highest divorce and teen pregnancy rates. The country’s highest murder rates are in the South and the lowest are in New England. The five states with the best-ranked public schools in the country—Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey and Wisconsin—are all progressive redoubts. The five states with the worst—New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi and Louisiana—all went for Bush.

The canard that the culture wars are a fight between “elites” versus “regular Americans” belies a profound split between different kinds of ordinary Americans, all feeling threatened by the others’ baffling and alien values. Ironically, however, by buying into right-wing elite-baiting, liberals start thinking like out-of-touch elites. Rather than reflecting on what kind of policies would make their own lives better, what kind of country they want to live in, and who they want to represent them—and then figuring out how to win others to their vision—progressives flail about for ideas and symbols that they hope will appeal to some imaginary heartland rube. That is condescending.
Please read the whole article and then let's discuss it in the comments.

This is a huge issue that will effect all of us, especially those of us who seek an integral worldview. The Blue meme can't tolerate an integral view, so we, along with the Green liberals, will be targeted by their narrow definition of reality. What can we do to soften the Blue meme's need to rule the world? Recognizing the need for the Blue meme, how can we help it to be more healthy and less authoritarian?

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