Sunday, February 05, 2006

Paul's ILP Experiment

Integralawakening turned me on to Paul S.'s 90-day experiment with the ILP kit. I wasn't really on board with the whole ILP kit thing until I read this post. Now I need to know the "secret modules" of ILP that have been hidden from the common folk, like the one Paul practiced on day four.

This is from day four, "Secrets of the Vice Module":
So, last night I engaged in one of the "secret modules" of ILP I'm not supposed to talk about, namely, the Vice Module. The practice I use to exercise this capacity is, of course, drinking in shitty bars, namely The Catacombs, Boulder's basement dive of choice.

Technically, I didn't practice the Vice Module by itself, I included it with a practice from the Relationships Module I call "shooting the shit with my work buddies". (Is this getting a little too jargon-y? So be it. My AQAL Matrix will transclude your holonic turquoise meta-mind and you will like it). When you combine two modules at once, we call that a "Combo". Much the way "kick-punch-kick-block-punch" is a far more effective attack in Tekken 4 than a simplistic "kick-kick-kick", combining your Modules could make your practice even more bad-ass.

I digress.

How would you make "chillin' with the homies at a shitty bar" a practice which could transform your life? For one, right intention. If you go out with Bob and Frank from Accounting with the intention of ignoring them to watch the Stanford game, chances are you're not going to be cultivating any major aspects of your body-mind. But if you go with the intention of listening to them bitch, offering moral support, and seeing if you can keep their girlfriends entertained without making it seem like you're hitting on them, then you're in for a Transcendental Treat.

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