Friday, December 08, 2006

Speedlinking 12/8/06

This morning's image comes from the news. Seems that Canadian artist Jimmy Wright is trying to make a point about consumerism and Christmas. Some people are not amused.

Happy Bodhi Day.

And, oh yeah, it's Friday, too. WOO HOO!


~ Teens Who Take Multivitamins Have Healthier Lifestyles. It's true for adults, too.
~ Former President Clinton, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Sign Agreement To Cut Pediatric Antiretroviral Drug Prices. Clinton's war on AIDS is really impressive.
~ Birth control in good taste -- chewable birth control. Yum!
~ High Protein Diets May Boost Cancer Risk. Or they may not. This is one of those bullsh!t studies that needs to be read to be debunked.
~ Brain Tumors Paralyze The Immune System - First Preclinical Trails With RNA-Interference To Lift Blockage.
~ 'Nature' Paper Provides New Insights Into The Brain's Structural And Cellular Complexity.

~ Case Studies Examine Role Of Hormones, Psychology In False Pregnancy. Can they say "psychosomatic?"
~ Girls study: More weighing, more trouble.
~ Transplanted Brain Cells Hold Promise For Parkinson's Disease.
~ Obese diabetics may be unrealistic about calories. Yeah, it's not just diabetics. Under-reporting calories is common many people who are overweight. We call it denial.
~ Scientists Develop A New Way To Target Alzheimer's Disease.

~ "I'm not a racist, but...", or why automatic stereotyping happens: Part 1
~ Prisoners of Sex -- A New York Times Magazine article about being gay in the Muslim world.
~ New Campaign Seeks To Reduce Stigma Of Mental Illnesses. I've seen how social stigma makes it all so much worse.
~ Sibling Rivalry -- Would Jeb Bush really make a better president? God(dess) help us all.
~ Bush Expresses Caution on Key Points in Iraq Panel’s Report And Bush Reaction to Report Worries Father's Aides. Whenever I think he can no longer disappoint me because I have no expectations, he reminds me that he can go lower than I can fathom.
~ Reality Check: As Violence Escalates in Iraq, Hillary Holds Press Conference on Violent Video Games.
~ Buried Babies Suggest Prehistoric Compassion.

~ Chew on this organic commentary.
~ Richard Branson chats about embracing ethanol and slashing airplane emissions.
~ Mars Has Liquid Water, New Photos Suggest.
~ DNA Strands Weaved into High-Complexity Logic Circuits and Multiple "Robot Arms".
~ Birds Change Songs to Suit Urban Life, Study Finds.
~ Ebola Epidemic Wiping Out Gorilla Populations . "Thousands of gorillas in the Republic of Congo fall victim to the nastiest strain of the hemorrhagic virus."
~ U.S. EPA thinks lead in the air may be A-OK.

~ Albert Klamt links to Elza Maalouf's article in the Integral Leadership Review, Volume VI, No 2 - June 2006: Testing the Integral Model in the Middle East.
~ Two new posts from Steve Frazee, former CEO of Integral Institute: Integral University Fact or Fiction? and Publish or Perish on the I-I journal and magazine we have been promised.
~ Andrew Cohen and the Corruption of Power -- not so much integral, but of interest to the integral community.
~ From For the Turnstiles: The color scheme of Wilberian integral theory.

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