Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Issue Of Integral Review Is Available

The new issue of Integral Review is up. Here is the table of contents for Issue 3, which includes an article by Daniel Anderson of For The Turnstiles, an article by Ervin Laszlo, and an interview by Russ Volckmann of Courtney Nelson.
Editorial: Continued Growth and Expansion for Integral Review
~ Jonathan Reams

Short Works

Toward Integral Dialogue: Provisional Guidelines for Online Forums
~ Tom Murray and Sara Ross

Tomorrow’s Sunrise – A Plea for the Future You, Me and We
~ Barbara Nussbaum

Four Days in France: An Integral Interlude
~Tam Lundy

Rationale for an Integral Theory of Everything
~ Ervin Laszlo

Book Review: Clearings in the Forest: On the Study of Leadership
~ Jonathan Reams

The Map, the Gap and the Territory
~ Bonnitta Roy

The Dance Integral
~ Andrew Campbell


Essay (With an abstract in English) Drei Avantgarde-Strömungen des heutigen US-Geisteslebens – und ihre Beziehung zu Europa
~ Roland Benedikter

Of Synthesis and Surprises: Towards a Critical Integral Theory
~ Daniel Anderson

Measuring an Approximate g in Animals and People
~ Michael Lamport Commons

The Centrality of Human Development in International Development Programs: An Interview with Courtney Nelson
~ Russ Volckmann

Extended Work

A Process Model of Integral Theory
~ Bonnitta Roy

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