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Speedlinking 12/4/06

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Happy Monday!

Gotta love those UCLA Bruins who no one thought could compete with #2 USC, but they beat the Trojans and kept them from playing in their fourth consecutive national championship game.

~ Alzheimer's Today. "Once considered an elderly affliction, it is now claiming younger victims."
~ Exercise When Young May Reduce Risk Of Fractures Later In Life. Another reason to get your kids away from the video games.
~ From Charles Staley: Powerlifting For Bodybuilding?
~ 10 Tips To Maintain Your Weight Over The Holidays.
~ Study: Almonds May Protect Against Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk. Healthy fats make a healthy body.
~ 'Double Diabetes' a New Threat. There are now people with type-I and type-II diabetes.

~ Anorexia can affect children of all ages. Kids as young as ten now suffer from this disorder.
~ Appraisal Processes in Emotion.
~ Online World As Important To Internet Users As Real World?
~ Fear of Intimacy: Friends and Lovers.
~ David Deida's Blue Truth of the week: Free-Fall into Endless Openness.
~ Juicing the Brain: "Research to limit mental fatigue among soldiers may foster controversial ways to enhance any person's brain."

~ 'Civil War' or Not? "While U.S. pols and pundits debate labels, Iraqis fear their country is sliding deeper into the abyss."
~ Hillary Lining Up at the Starting Blocks. With Barack Obama visiting New Hampshire this week, Hillary is checking in with NY Democrats to make sure she will have their support if she runs.
~ George Bush Knows Where You Traveled, How You Paid, Where You Sat, and What You Ate. Big Brother is watching.
~ Swearing on Sutras. Jeff Wilson (of Tricycle) looks at the wingnut fluff up over Keith Ellison -- American's first Muslim Congressman -- wanting to be sworn in on a Qur'an.
~ From How to Save the World: Getting to Know You. "At my London presentation this week on Social Networking, I restated my views that three of the five most important types of Social Networking Applications (SNAs) are about finding people -- to love, to make a living with as business partners, and to pursue common cause with."
~ From Tim Boucher: Hidden Symbolism of the Christmas Tree.

~ Flu viruses survive in frozen lakes. Sounds like global warming could do more than raise the sea level.
~ INTERVIEW WITH GLOBAL WARMING'S TOP REPORTER: NY Times' Andrew Revkin Discusses Hurricane Debate, Peer-Review, His 'Bird's Eye View' of Climate Science, and His Next Book.
~ Scientist Fights Church Effort to Hide Museum's Pre-Human Fossils.
~ Does Red Weigh More Than Blue?
~ Ancient Meteorites from Outer Solar System May Have Provided Raw Materials for Life. "Meteorite that fell in Canada's Tagish Lake contains organic compounds from a time before planets formed."

~ David Jon at Zaadz: This Matter Of Maps.
~ From Ken Wilber: Integral Politics, Part II.
~ From ebuddha: Integral Blogging And Calling Bullshit -The Integral Way.
~ Stuart Davis works the Wilber altitude meme: The Cure For Altitude Sickness.
~ From Mystery of Existence:The brutality at worldcentric.
~ Ed Berge at Open Integral offers Holacracy and the will of the organization.

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