Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Speedlinking 12/5/06

This morning's image is from Allatok:

~ Portion Patrol: 5 tips for applying true serving sizes in a supersized world.
~ Obesity epidemic 'will drive cancer cases to 12,000 a year' in the UK.
~ NY nears ban on trans fat.
~ Bosses push staff to eat right, exercise.
~ Tea Helps Treat Damaged Skin In Cancer Patients.

~ Study Probes Suicide, Antidepressants. Antidepressants Up Suicide Attempts -- But Cut Actual Suicides
~ Brain Stimulation is a More Effective Treatment for Parkinson's.
~ Creativity and Neuroscience.
~ Imageless Thought.
~ Metaphors of mind in the history of the novel.
~ Self Esteem Summer Camp. "Maintaining your child’s self esteem is an important part of his or her physical and mental development. If you find yourself at a loss for techniques of how to deal with self esteem issues, consider enrolling your child in a summer camp that specializes in boosting self esteem."

~ Cough medicine drug a hallucinogen for teens. "Abuse of ingredient in over-the-counter products is on rise, researchers say."
~ Safer Sex Campaigns Need To Promote Condoms As Offering Pleasure As Well As Protection.
~ Ads spur eating disorders, premature drinking, docs say. "Inappropriate advertising contributes to many kids' ills, from obesity to anorexia, to drinking booze and having sex too soon, and Congress should crack down on it, the American Academy of Pediatrics says."
~ FRC Distorts Research on Gay Relationships. The Family Research Council is at it again, trying to prevent gay marriage from becoming legal in Maryland. Dumbasses.

~ Cheap and Easy Solar.
~ How now, hormonal cow? Some folks want Starbucks to stop using hormone-laden milk.
~ Neanderthals Were Cannibals, Study Confirms.
~ Carbon trading: a carbon tax, blindfolded and handcuffed, with its shoelaces tied together.
~ City of the Future.
~ Greener, cleaner ... and competitive? "Renewables could supply one-quarter of US energy by 2025, with no harm to economy, a study says."


~ ebuddha reviews The Fountain - The Quest, Love, Suffering, and the Divine interpenetrate.
~ Contemplative Science. An integral look at Alan Wallace's book Contemplative Science.
Darren Aronofsky gets interviewed on Integral Naked. Subscription required.
~ ebuddha alerts us to A new Integral Blog - For The Turnstiles. I've already stopped by Daniel Gustav Anderson's (he posts as DGA) blog and found it interesting. He has an integral wiki page already, so he's not too much of a newcomer (although it looks like he created it himself).
~ Paul Salamone clarifies his layoff at I-I: Leaving Integral Institute.

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