Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Former Integral Institute CEO Steve Frazee Tells His Side

A while back, Vince posted on the recent call by Ken Wilber and Integral Institute for a new CEO, and not just any CEO, but one that is turquoise. I guess the person must match the furniture.

The interesting thing was that the ad said it would be first time they had filled the position (which has been changed), which those of us who are members found weird considering we had received an email from Steve Frazee when we was hired to fill that role outlining his plans for Phase 2 of I-I's development.

Vince has both the job call and the letter from Frazee in the original post.

The comments on that post have been hopping. After a bunch of sniping and general fun among the posters -- while still showing some concern for I-I's fate -- Inside Scoop posts a letter to I-I staff from KW that is pretty interesting. It suggests that there had been a tight lid on things at I-I in terms of staff conduct and that KW wants to free things up a bit. Paul Salamone counters that with his clarification.

Yesterday, Steve Frazee himself stopped by and added his well-spoken comments. In a very detailed statement, he explains why he left I-I and why things were not a good fit. It's a pretty clean statement, completely lacking any of the Wyatt Earpy energy KW is now famous for.

I wish I-I the best. It's always tough to turn a theory into an organization -- just ask the early Christians. The reality is that organizations tend to lose the heart that inspired them. KW is trying to make I-I an exception. I wish him well.

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