Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Speedlinking 12/6/06

Morning image is from The Fairest, again:

~ From T-Nation: QUICK Biceps & Triceps GROWTH, An Unsuspected Secret
~ NYC bans trans fats from eateries. This could become a national trend and may lead to these killer fats being removed from the market completely.
~ Varying Weight Training Intensity Increases Growth Hormone In Women. Doing the same workout week after week, month after month doesn't work. This article presents one of the reasons why.
~ Highlights From The December 2006 Journal Of The American Dietetic Association.
~ Minnesota deemed healthiest state, Louisiana worst. Arizona ranks #34.

~ The Dalai Lama: How Do I Live a More Spiritual Life? From the Preachers and Teachers series at Beliefnet.
~ Taste Test for Depression Drugs? Way to Choose Right Antidepressant May Be on the Tip of Your Tongue, Study Suggests.
~ First-time mothers at risk of mental illness, study finds. Take that, Tom Cruise.
~ Cool visual illusions (with animations!), and an effort to explain why they occur.
~ Glucocorticoid Plays Key Role In Skin Abnormalities Induced By Psychological Stress.

~ Blogging as Composing our Lives from thinkBuddha.
~ Malcolm Gladwell: Defining A Racist. He gives three criteria.
~ Atheists and morality?
~ What is Polytheism? Polytheism and Monotheism Defined in Kabbalah.
~ Defending Christmas: Dwarf Mistletoe Joins War on Christmas, Attacks Christmas Trees.
~ Extra Checks on Voting Machines Rejected. Panel rejects efforts to create an independent verifiable paper trail. Who needs fair and open elections?
~ E.J. Dionne: Obama Wows the Religious Right.

~ Biodiesel's tropical problem.
~ Rice-Plus? "An international agricultural research group is urging nations to invest in the development of new crop varieties in response to global warming and a projected world population of 9 billion by 2050."
~ Brazil Creates Largest Tropical Rainforest Preserve.
~ Moon Base Announced by NASA.
~ Hybrid Speciation Strikes Again.

~ The use of Derrida as a bogeyman in the polemic of Integral theory and in right-wing rantage has caught my attention. From For the Turnstiles.
~ From ebuddha, Question for Integral Theorists Out There, on Kohlberg and regressive movement in developmental models.
~ A process model of integral theory by Bonnitta Roy in the new Integral Review -- recommended by Edward Berge at Open Integral.
~ The new issue (#3) of Integral Review is up.


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Appeal: you may dislike polytheism; but pl. tolerate it. It is not much harmful/injurious. facets of polytheism