Buddhist Geeks - Episode 147: Freestyle Awakening

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The theme of distinguishing between the Buddhist teachings and forms which lead to awakening, and those forms that are culturally inherited and perhaps unsuited for our current Western context, is an ongoing one on Buddhist Geeks. This week, we continue this exploration with Dharma teacher, Martin Aylward.

Martin, who lives in southern France, where he runs and teaches as Le Moulin Meditation Centre, has been actively exploring what it means to translate Dharma to the West. He recognizes that we're still quite early in that process, but is a pioneer when it comes to adapting the forms of Buddhism to the West. His use of technology and emphasis on relational dharma, as well as what calls "Freestyle or DIY Awakening" is a striking attempt at making Dharma more relevant for the lives of Western, engaged, lay practitioners.

This is part 1 of a two part series. Listen to part 2, Work, Sex, Money, Dharma (airing next week!)