Thursday, December 07, 2006

Speedlinking 12/7/06

This morning's image is from Live Science:

~ 7 Most Effective Exercises -- Experts offer their favorite moves for making the most of your workout time. They include squats, lunges, and bent rows, so it's a pretty good list for a change.
~ Master cells rule the enemy within. "[T]he immune system is kept in check by regulatory T-cells, which patrol the body and stop ordinary T-cells going berserk."
~ Racket grip size has nothing to do with tennis elbow.
~ New Data Shows Rimonabant Benefited Patients With Type 2 Diabetes By Improving Blood Sugar Control And Reducing Weight. Or you could just eat well and get some exercise. Nah, what was I thinking? This may be the magic pill for which so many people are looking

~ New Info On Eating Disorders In Two Stanford/Packard Children's Studies.
~ Depressed? Think faster thoughts, and your mood may improve.
~ Embodied Language and Expertise.
~ Loneliness and Depression: There is a Reason for Loneliness and Depression.
~ Branded Fish Oil Supplement Reduces Anxiety In Adults With History Of Substance Abuse.
~ From Beliefnet: Top 10 Ways to Heal Spiritually from a Breakup.
~ From Aaron at Anxious Living: More Flow.

~ Yahoo's top searches for 2006 -- Britney leads the way, along with Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Linsey Lohan. Uh, yeah . . . the world is doomed.
~ Making Money Consciously, from Steve Pavlina.
~ Buddhist Geeks introduce a new geek.
~ Social Networking in Business: An Update.
Mixed reaction to Cheney's daughter's pregnancy. "Conservative leaders voiced dismay Wednesday at news that Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney, is pregnant, while a gay-rights group said the vice president faces "a lifetime of sleepless nights" for serving in an administration that has opposed recognition of same-sex couples."

~ Rainforest dwellers get the road to illness. A study from the thinning jungle of northern Ecuador suggests that where roads go, disease follows, in a way that echoes the spread of disease in the New World brought by 15th-century European colonizers.
~ Black hole seen devouring star in best detail yet. The article includes a link to an animation of a black hole swallowing a star.
~ Warming oceans produce less phytoplankton. Destroy the foundation of the food chain and you destroy the chain.
~ More Than 50 Tribes Convene on Global Warming Impacts.

~ From Hokai: Integral Dreams. Hokai is not down with the gossipy approach some bloggers take to KW and Integral Institute.
~ Ken Wilber is in the Hospital -- this was posted at Integral Valley, confirmed here. Let's pray for his health and well-being.
~ Daniel Anderson responds to Joe Perez.
~ Frank Visser is dissing KW again: Integral Inflation.


Steve said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Visser post. I've just read it, and, to tell you the truth, I agree with everything he says in it. I am very disappointed with the way I see the integral movement under Wilber headed.

william harryman said...

Yeah, I'm not thrilled with where I-I is headed either, especially with some insight from Steve Frazee. But I also don't think it serves any purpose to kick KW in the shins. He is a brilliant writer, but not a brilliant leader -- his mistake for trying to do something he isn't good at.

I think we all had high hopes for I-I, and they aren't being realized in the ways we had hoped -- and, in fact, they seem to have made a mess of it. But integral theory is still a valuable contribution that many of us rely on.


Steve said...

I agree with you on the overall value of Wilber's writing and of integral theory in general, and I share your implicit hope that they can receive better representation in academia and in the world at large than they seem to be getting right now under the auspices of problem-plagued I-I at present.

Beyond that, I hope that Wilber's health quickly improves from the "very serious" condition that has landed him in the ICU, and that he's able to return to what he does best as soon (but not a moment before) he's able.

Unknown said...

I agree with Nagarjuna/Steve -- both in wishing Wilber wellness and with respect to Visser.

Certainly, between Wilber's, Frazee's, Hokai's and Visser's posts, Visser's was the more mature and and most substantive. Wilber disappears Frazee; Frazee, bless him, has his knives out; and Hokai is continuing as as dedicated Wilber sychophant. [The last thing in the world Wilber needs. And, woe, that he has so many.]

While it may seem that Visser is still nursing some bruises of his own, his points seem both reasonable and important.