Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robert Thurman’s “Cool Heroes” - at #occupywallstreet

Very cool, via Shambhala SunSpace.

Video from Occupy Wall Street: Robert Thurman’s “Cool Heroes”

As mentioned here on SunSpace the other day, filmmaker Velcrow Ripper is documenting the Wall Street protests (which are reportedly facing shutdown by NY Mayor Bloomberg), and he is now sharing video he shot Thursday of Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman. In the video, below, Thurman leads activists in an unusual sort of chant, which turns on a dime from impassioned to snarky to moving. A sample: “No one should be protesting against some nasty bankers if they really truly do hate them. They are not worthy of being hated. They are just like us. They’re just luckier at the moment. And unluckier in the long run.”

Click here to visit Velcrow’s site, Occupy Love, which is a step towards a new documentary to be called Evolve Love: Love in a Time of Crisis.

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Hey if want want to see the entire talk, I made a video and posted it here: