Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dr Paul Howard Jones - What Is the Internet Doing to our Brains? has rebroadcast this RSA lecture on the neuroscience of the internet - a look at whether or not the fears about how our brains might be changed regular internet usage are accurate.

What Is the Internet Doing to our Brains?

Dr Paul Howard Jones assesses whether the latest scientific findings support popular fears about what technology is doing to us.

Howard-Jones is Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Bristol’s Graduate School of Education.

His research spans neuroscience and education: using our knowledge of the mind and brain to improve teaching and learning; game-based learning and creativity.

Paul's particular area of interest is applying our understanding of cognition and neuroscience to enhance child and adult learning. His research explores the benefits offered to education by emerging technologies, aided by a critical consideration of underlying cognitive processes.

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