Monday, October 10, 2011

Michelle Holliday - Organizations and the Mindful Practice of Authentic Dialogue

Interesting - I had not heard of the Thrivability Montreal conference, but it sounds cool. The post comes from a (new to me) blog called Solarium: Ideas, Conversations, Events, for Cambrium Consulting. Back in February, Michelle Holliday did a TEDx Talk on Thrivability and the Future of Humanity (see below).


Posted by Michelle Holliday on 06 Oct 2011

Last week’s Thrivability Montreal was a fantastic gathering, full of energy and important insights.

We had gathered to explore the question: What if our organizations were designed to support the mindful practice of authentic dialogue?

To offer some context for our conversation, I opened the evening by describing the machine metaphor that dominates business today, as well as the emerging story that portrays organizations instead as living systems. I explained how this new paradigm points the way to better business results. Not only that, I shared my conviction that the mechanistic worldview in general is the root cause of every major challenge humanity faces and that, conversely, the new, life-centered story is critical to the very survival of the human race.

Introducing the evening’s topic, I explained my strong belief that authentic dialogue is an important part of that new story. Every living system is a web of dynamic relationships. The more open and free-flowing those relationships can be, the more the living system is likely to be resilient, adaptive and creative. So, as a simple set of principles and processes specifically designed to support open, free-flowing relationship, authentic dialogue offers a powerful path to resilience, creativity and adaptability - very desirable qualities in these challenging and fast-changing times.
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Here is her TEDx Talk.

TEDxConcordia - Michelle Holliday - The Pattern of Living Systems

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