Sunday, October 09, 2011

Douglas Rushkoff on Building a Peer-to-Peer Economy

Excellent - from Shareable via the P2P Foundation Blog.

Douglas Rushkoff on Building a Peer-to-Peer Economy [VIDEO]


Since the publication of his post "The Next Net" earlier this year, Douglas Rushkoff's vision of building a truly peer-to-peer alternative to the commercial web has captured the imagination of many. The idea sparked by Rushkoff's post will guide the first Contact Summit later this month, where companies, builders and individuals will network and brainstorm "how to transform commerce, learning, and society."
In this talk given at Hello Etsy in Berlin last month, Rushkoff speaks about the economic component of this vision, and how to build a peer-to-peer economy. 

Video via the P2P Foundation blog.
To learn more about building the Next Net, read Venessa Miemis's list of 10 projects to liberate the web

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Brian McConnell said...

Thanks for posting this blog link. Douglas Rushkoff's voice is fresh, timely, and well-informed. I've a new channel at Vimeo containing a few of his videos there:

<a href="http:// Douglas Rushkoff (as featured by Group Epignosis)</a>