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Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease, by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

This new ebook (free download) offered over at the Buddhism Now site looks pretty cool.

Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease, by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

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Buddha-Dhamma is as vast as the universe and as concise as a moment’s flash of insight. Many sentient beings have got lost between the two, unable to resolve through direct personal experience the many teachings available today. Fundamental perspectives are required for us to begin sorting out the multiplicity of experiences and concepts. Here, we offer a clear, direct, and practical guide into the essentials of Buddhism, that is, the Dhamma.

While many Buddhists take Dhamma to be “the Buddha’s teaching,” it really means “Natural Truth” or “Natural Law.” Of course, this is what the Buddha taught and demonstrated, but we must be careful to distinguish the teaching from the Truth itself. Thus, to understand Buddhism one must begin with the Dhamma.

This guide examines the three inter-related aspects of Dhamma and pinpoints the key elements in each. Although Dhamma is One, we interact with it in three basic ways: study (pariyatti-dhamma), practice (patipatti-dhamma), and realization (pativedha-dhamma). Dhamma study is finding the right perspective on our human predicament & what we must do about it. Dhamma practice is developing and correctly applying the basic tools needed for spiritual survival. Dhamma realization is the benefits that occur naturally with correct practise. Each aspect can be approached in many ways. Here, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu approaches each in a direct and practical way.

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The Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease:
A Guide into Buddhist Science

by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu,
translated by Santikaro Bhikkhu,

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Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

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