Sunday, December 05, 2010

Roshi John Tarrant - The Bodhisattva's Rice (a Koan Seminar)

I found this series of videos via Monkey Mind - Roshi John Tarrant, Zen monk and Jungian psychologist, is another of my favorite Buddhist teachers. His book, The Light Inside the Dark: Zen, Soul, and the Spiritual Life, almost literally saved my life a few years back.

I didn't realize he was in Phoenix - might need to head up there.
John Tarrant, Roshi is Director and Senior Faculty for Pacific Zen Institute and Senior Teacher for Desert Lotus Zen Sangha in Phoenix, AZ.






Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog ... every day! Thank you for it. There is no sound, or barely any, on the John Tarrant videos. I hope you can adjust it somehow on your end. Thank you again!

william harryman said...

Sorry - wish I could fix it, but the audio quality of the recording is poor.

Very glad you enjoy the blog! Thanks.