Tuesday, December 07, 2010

John Landy - In Defense of Humanities


It's insane to me that educators feel a need to fight for the existence of the humanities. The university was founded on the study of the humanities. I have a masters degree in humanities that gave me a more rounded education that if I had specialized in literature or writing.

Our educational system has become too focused on turning out employees rather than educated people. In AZ, where we have a 1.2 billion dollar state budget deficit, higher education is always the first thing to get cut - and when the cuts come, humanities classes/programs are often first to go. Meanwhile, the dumbass governor wants to cut taxes even more . . . which means more education cuts.

A well-rounded education is once again becoming something only available to the wealthy.

John Landy - In Defense of Humanities - via Stanford University.
As universities across the country question the need for humanities education, John Landy, co-director of Stanford's Philosophy and Literature Initiative comes to the defense of literature. "Spending time in the presence of works of great beauty can powerfully change your life," he says.

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