Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An Alternate Approach to Valentine's Day

This is cool:

Ah Valentines Day… Feeling Desperate Yet?

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DesperationIT’S AMAZING HOW DESPERATE some folks get around this time of year. Valentines day is rapidly approaching and it’s as if some herd instinct has taken over. The prices of flowers, chocolates (don’t get me started on that topic again!), soft toys and just about every other ‘romantic’ connotation shoots through the roof and the world goes crazy.

It is a close second to see the poor slobs treking around the shops trying valiently to find the ‘perfect gift’ for their loved ones. I say a close second because the Easter rush tops the scales for pure unadulterated commercialism, and that last mad dash for the few remaining eggs is always a blood sport. Men desperately try to impress women, and women desperately try to pretend it doesn’t matter to them, but in the end it’s all just desperation.

SusiQ and I are rather different in this respect mind you; which pisses off our friends to seemingly extreme lengths on a regular basis. They just don’t get it. You see we treat Valentines day as the one day in the year when we can pretty much ignore each other. Completely. :)

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Anonymous said...

In the past I have not had someone who a) wanted to celebrate and told me up front or b) was not in that romantic place, for the first time in my life I am with someone who and who happens to be the most romantic person on the face of the planet. I haven't done a true test so all others please don't feel upset by this comment. So for Valentines day we have been giving each other smaller gifts everyday starting feb.1. I have loved the excuse to give the presents but getting them has been less fun. I don't know why. More important to me has been the notes that have come with the presents. Well as my first V-Day experience I am ready to call in the carpet and have it be just regular romance time. which also has been a new for me.


Anonymous said...

That picture of you is pretty funny, hugging the marketing image.

It is a true testament to your commitment to blogging, to go the extra mile, just to get the point across like that.

And the facial expression - so appropriate?

What? You mean it's not you??


Well, just ignore this comment then...

william harryman said...

Thanks for sharing Erica.

ebuddha -- all in the service of blogging.


Anonymous said...

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