Saturday, February 17, 2007

Britney Spears Goes Bald [Updated and Corrected]

I don't generally give a rat's arse about what Britney Spears does (as near as I can tell, she's well on her way to rivaling the train wreck that was Anna Nicole), but this newest event is the pop culture equivalent of the Pope going bar hopping.

Britney cut off her hair (a day after checking in and then out of rehab) and got a tattoo of a small cross on her lower hip, as well as a set of lips on her wrist.

I think The Zero Boss pretty much nailed his review of the situation. Personally, I'm hoping she's somehow found some inner reserve of not-freaking-crazy, but I think she's probably on her way into the gutter. Next stop, shooting junk in an alley.

Here's some video:

After hairdressers refused to shave her head, Britney grabbed a pair of clippers and sheared off her locks herself.

Salon owner Esther Tognozzi said: "I tried to talk her out of it, but she said, 'No, I absolutely want it shaved off now.'

"Afterwards she looked in the mirror and said with tears in her eyes, 'Oh, my God, I shaved it all off. My mom is going to be so upset with me.'

"I asked her if the buzz cut was a symbol of a new beginning and she said, 'Yeah, something like that.' "

An hour later Britney went to the Body and Soul Tattoo parlour and had pink lips etched onto her wrist and a black, pink and white cross on her lower hip.

One onlooker revealed: "She said she was tired of having things plugged into her. She seemed distraught and disturbed, like she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown."

Later that night, troubled Britney was seen at Beverly Hills' Cedars Sinai Medical Center wearing a dark wig.

She went into a private room and was seen by medical staff before leaving an hour later.
Apparently, you can bid for some of Britney's hair on E-Bay.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Britney Spears that was so hot just a few years ago? She is either coming apart at the seams in front of the whole world, or she is trying to pull one of the weirdest publicity streaks of all time.

A few years ago she marries a childhood friend, and that lasts about one day.

She then marries some golddigger (Federline) who takes complete advantage of her. He even goes as far as uploading a private sex tape that he and Britney made. It becomes known as the Britney Spears sex tape and ends up on some of those video dump sites like liveleek and dailymotion. Even now it can still be found on sites like (NSFW). How does she live that down?

Then she dumps him and starts clubbing without panties with alleged friends Paris Hilton and company. Now she cuts off her hair.

Is she some kind of wacko or a brilliant marketer?

Anonymous said...

Britney changed a lot.
but i bet she stills the same person.
shes just a bit lost

Anonymous said...

Britney Stills a good person :)
She is just a bit lost

the worst horse - editor said...

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