Saturday, February 17, 2007

Programming Note

As you no doubt noticed (assuming you are a regular reader), there are no new posts this morning. I hope to post some things later today.

For now, all I have to say is . . . .

Life is good.

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Unknown said...

Oh no. This is something cutting into your blogging time. An invasion of the bloggy snatchers! Speaking of snatchers, could it be? Yes it could. It might be ... some [shiver] woman. That is like the flu or the black plague or a kiss from the spider woman.

Just think how many plays women cost Shakespeare. Or how many times they've slowed down Bond right when he was about to catch Blofeld. The last Bond film lasted three and a half hours. Think how much more quickly events would have unfolded had there been no women in it. Why, we could have all gotten out of the theatre in 45 minutes.

I'm hoping its just a new video game. Or a sale in Macy's Men's Department.

william harryman said...

No video games (never really understood the fascination) and no, not a sale (not a fan of shopping).

So that only leaves one other possibility . . . .