Thursday, January 11, 2007

Richard Dawkins on Ted Haggard

I was unaware that Richard Dawkins had singled out Ted Haggard for derision long before Teddy by got himself kicked out of the God club for liking sex with men. My friend TikkunGer sent me these links. Dawkins goes after the mythical belief system of fundamentalism.

Really, what you have here is fundamentalism in two different gowns, one Christian and one science, but the difference is horizontal mostly, not vertical. For this dance, I'm liking the girl in the rational-colored gown.

Ted Haggard in "Root of All Evil?"

Ted Haggard - Richard Dawkins Interview Uncut?

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1 comment:

lxr23g56 said...

thanks for the hat tip. i hope you enjoyed the clips!

Both these guys drive me nutz but watching that clip again i couldn't help wondering if Teddy boy wasn't thinking " Damn that Dawkins is one hot piece of ass".