Friday, January 12, 2007

God, Inc.

From that title, you might think this was a post about corporate use of "God" to make money off of the faithful. But not quite. These are actually the first three (of six) episodes of a little series at YouTube that posits a world where God is actually a corporation subject to all the office politics and inefficiencies of any large business. It's kind of like The Office, where the office is actually God, Inc.

This is how the creators describe it:
A comedy about life in the corporate offices of God. What if all the problems on earth were not caused by a spiteful deity, or karma, or fate, but just office politics and the Peter Principle?
Here are the first three episodes.
Episode 1 of 6: "In The Beginning, There Was Paperwork..." New hire Sarah is given a tour by Brad and meets the Product Development team.

Episode 2 of 6: "The Miracles Department" Austin and Charlie, the last of the Miracles staff, have different ideas about the job. Features music by Jon Brion from the "I Heart Huckabees" soundtrack.

Episode 3 of 6: "Who Stole God's Lunch?" Someone steals God's lunch.

You can subscribe to the series here to enjoy final three episodes, but you have to register at YouTube (free) and log in to your account.

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Holy shit! LMAO! Thanks for this:)