Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cool Sites

The first one is a Periodic Table of Visualization Methods, and they don't mean visualization in the psychology or New Age sense. They mean the various approaches in which we may look at a problem as we seek solutions, options, and other strategies for dealing with something, anything. Simply move the cursor over the boxes and the information pops up in a box. It's divided up into six different categories. This thing is uber-cool.

The other cool site for today is for psychology geeks like me. It's an Interactive Map of Human Intelligence. More precisely, it's a "History of Influences in the Development of Intelligence Theory and Testing." To learn more about an individual and their contributions to the study of intelligence, click on his or her name. You can also download the whole image. They provide info for how to cite this page in papers, and since it is from Indiana University, it carries some legitimacy. Again, uber-cool.

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