Tuesday, January 09, 2007

National Championship

Florida weathered an game-opening kickoff return for a touchdown then proceeded to dismantle #1 Ohio State in the BCS Bowl Championship game. OSU came into the game undefeated and cocky, but that didn't last long. Florida dominated in every aspect of the game, staking their claim as the best team in college football.

Aside from those of us who wanted to see OSU taken down a notch, who cares? The season ended a week ago.

Personally, my #1 for this season is Boise State -- the only undefeated team in major college football, and winner of the most exciting bowl game in history against powerhouse Oklahoma. I'm not alone, but it doesn't matter. Florida will be the number one team.
A week ago Jared Zabransky stood on this same field and declared that his Boise State Broncos – the People's Champion, America's Team – deserved a crack at the national title after its wild victory over Oklahoma pushed them to 13-0 and full national respectability.

It won't happen, even if it should, even if America would rather have seen Boise State play again than Florida whip Ohio State 41-14 in what likely will be the lowest-rated championship game ever, a buzz-less blowout that took place too far after the other bowl games.

No offense to Florida, the rightful and worthy BCS champion after its domination here Monday, but this college football season peaked back on Jan. 1, its traditional day, when a non-traditional team riveted the country.

That was an instant classic. This just will be instantly forgotten by many.

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