Saturday, January 13, 2007

Essays: Robert Anton Wilson

With Wilson's passing this week, there have a multitude of tributes to the man and his work. Among those writing such tributes we find RU Sirius, Paul Krassner at Huffington Post, ebuddha of Integral Practice, TimBomb of He's Just Had Coffee, and others.

RAW used to a write a column, Getting It, for an early incarnation of 10 Zen Monkeys. Jeff Diehl has posted links to and brief excerpts from those columns. This is interesting reading for those of us who knew and loved his work, and a good introduction for those who never had the joy of reading Wilson.

This is a favorite of mine:
Bugs Bunny And Other UFO Victims: Reality isn’t always consensual

Can we believe both Dr. Mack and Dr. Hammond at the same time, and accept that while extraterrestrials or even weirder nonhumans have been raping people and teaching ecology, another conspiracy is simultaneously torturing and reeducating children to make them Slaves of Satan? Or might we more economically assume that a lot of people have had a lot of non-ordinary experiences -- psychedelic trips without drugs -- and we all tend to interpret these according to our own hopes and fears?
Wilson was a wise and mischievous man. He will be missed.

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